How extended paternity leave helped one dad’s marriage

How Extended Paternity Leave Helped One Dad’s Marriage

The Straits Times
Republished with Permission
5 March 2023

Mr Chong Ee Jay, lead of programmes at the charity Focus on the Family Singapore, advises: “Be fully present, don’t use the extra two weeks to work from home. Men in general tend to be very connected with the work we do and may fear losing significance on the work front. Trying to straddle work and caring for a newborn is not helpful.”

Mr Chong from Focus on the Family Singapore encourages dads of newborns to be “open to connect with and ask for support” from trusted friends.

He says: “Most of the time, seeking social and emotional support might come naturally for mums. But for the dads, support seeking behaviour is often self-perceived as weakness.”

Having friends to share parenting issues and triumphs with is helpful, he adds.

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