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Married life can be filled with twists and turns, like when the day-to-day priorities and life's stresses throw a spanner into our plans? Or how about the times we run into conflict with our spouse? No matter the state of your relationship today, we want to equip you to help your marriage thrive.

Providing practical tips, tools and helpful resources, Connect2 serves as a one-stop guide in your journey to nurture the relationship that you desire. While there is no perfect marriage, there is always room to grow to be the best spouse we can be.


How do you approach conversations about sex and sexuality with your children? Does the thought of starting these conversations make you anxious?

Like every important area in life, our children need us to teach and role-model a healthy approach to sex and sexuality, which helps them become confident to make wise decisions in relationships. Here are some conversation guides which can help parents respond in an age-appropriate manner.

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