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Married life can be filled with twists and turns, like when the day-to-day priorities and life's stresses throw a spanner into our plans? Or how about the times we run into conflict with our spouse? No matter the state of your relationship today, we want to equip you to help your marriage thrive.

Providing practical tips, tools and helpful resources, Connect2 serves as a one-stop guide in your journey to nurture the relationship that you desire. While there is no perfect marriage, there is always room to grow to be the best spouse we can be.


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04 Mar 2023
Mr Chong Ee Jay, lead of programmes at the charity Focus on the Family Singapore, advises: “Be fully present, don’t use the extra two weeks to work from home.
14 Feb 2023
“These parents face stress on many fronts, including financial, time and energy needed to care for their loved ones,” said Ms Alicia Boo, chief of impact and principal counsellor at charity organisation Focus on the Family.
12 Feb 2023
Ms Alicia Boo, chief of impact at FOTF Singapore, said: “The campaign reminds us that regular dating is a great habit to instil in both young and older marriages. Many good things can happen when couples intentionally set aside time to date.”
11 Feb 2023
“Conflict may arise with differences. People may process loss and grief differently, for instance. It helps to keep in mind that you are rooting for each other, on the same team,” says Ms Vicky Ho, chief strategy officer of the charity, Focus on the

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