Focus on the Family Singapore Limited is a local Christian charity with Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status. Recognising the challenges and disruptions in our increasingly digitised world, we seek to bring families closer by encouraging and equipping youth and individuals from all backgrounds towards strong and resilient relationships, starting at home.

Our Core Strategies

PROMOTE strong families through preventive family life programmes and timely resources for the everyday family

PROTECT the institution of Family through thoughtful research and upstream advocacy

PARTNER individuals and organisations to raise family champions and journey with families needing support

Our Story

Focus on the Family Singapore Limited was founded in 2002 in response to the growing needs and new challenges facing the modern family. Since then, we’ve conducted numerous talks and workshops, organised nation-wide events and counselled parents and couples towards fostering strong and irreplaceable family bonds. From a small team that first operated out of our founding Director's basement, we’ve grown to a staff strength of 40+ with our own office at Bishan Junction 8! Since 2010, Focus on the Family Singapore has received Work-Life Excellence Awards*, including the inaugural Sustained Work-Life Excellence Award in 2014, in recognition of the organisation’s success in promoting family-friendly flexible work arrangements and work-life harmony.

We operate autonomously as a local charity within the global network of another 12 affiliates. We do not receive foreign funds, and are fully funded by local donations, foundation grants, government subsidies, as well as income from our programmes and services.

*These awards are conferred by the Tripartite Committee on Work-Life Strategy / TAFEP / Ministry of Manpower to celebrate Singapore's achievements in the area of work-life harmony.

Our Strategic Objectives

Recognising that no family is perfect and the reality of life transitions amidst a constantly changing world, we aim in the next 3-5 years to raise a generation of future-ready families by:

  • encouraging the everyday family with positive family narratives and real-life stories to work towards deep, authentic relationships.
  • equipping the ordinary family with practical resources and timely help to build family resilience and stay relationally, emotionally and mentally healthy.
  • enabling the Singapore family to believe in, live out and champion strong families.

We are dedicated to work towards a Singapore where in 10 years' time, family continues to be valued and prioritised, the state of the family is secured, and every child experiences a loving home marked by intimate husband-wife relationships and affirming parent-child interactions.

As a fully donor-supported charity, we organise fundraising events such as our Partnership Dinner, Charity Golf and Charity Movie.

We do not engage third-party commercial fundraisers and always ensure that we keep within the 30-70 fundraising guideline. Thus, we are thankful for our Champions for Family and individual friends of the Family who have helped us to raise funds through self-initiated crowdfunding projects.

For our financial year 2021, our fundraising efficiency ratio was 0.7%, i.e. we spend only 0.7 cents to raise each dollar.

To exercise good stewardship, the Finance Committee represents the Board to oversee all financial policies and procedures for operating budgets, purchases, receipts and payments; and ensures accurate monitoring and proper accountability for funds through approval limits and designated officers with authority to act on behalf of the organisation.

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